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Sunglasses Facts & Fitting

    Lens Features Described, Best Fit Guidelines

Find out the shape of your face to assess which style will really compliment you!

In general, faces are normally considered: angular (where a face has a square shape) or curvilinear (oval shape). Face shapes however, can be split into approximately seven classifications.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for a square face: To minimize the width of the face, it is best to choose sunglasses that add length. This can be best achieved by buying sunglasses that are not as wide as the widest part of your face. It is also a good idea to soften the "squareness" of a face by more fluid, rounded style frames, so as to decrease the perception of a broad jaw line.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for an oval shaped face: Generally any type of sunglasses suits an oval face, but just make sure that the size of the frame is proportionate to the face.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for round shaped face: To sharpen a round face, select frames with straight or angular lines that will help make the face look thinner and longer.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for a diamond shape face: Glasses that are oval, shaped or rimless are very complimentary for this type of face.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for squar shaped face: To compliment this style of face, it is best to choose sunglasses that will shorten the face and widen the face, both at the same time. The best style of frame to choose is one that is round, or deep to help soften the face.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for a Base-Down Triangle face: To compliment this style of face, it is best to emphasis the top part of your face with strong balancing frames.

Most complimentary style of sunglasses for an inverted triangle face: Choose a type of frame that balances your face and broadens the lower part of your face. Low temples and rimless style of sunglasses are a good style to consider.

When it comes to Eyewear and Sunglasses in this modern age we as consumers are presented with a near dizzying array of options and selections to suit nearly any application. From high-contrast night vision riding glasses to a selection of colored lenses that cover nearly every shade of the rainbow, one can almost be overcome with the many choices available at our fingertips. Let us begin with sunglasses. You will want to choose a style that will enhance your personal image and lifestyle. Here are some tips designed to help you select the frame that is right for you. The right frame style will flatter and enhance your features, but the wrong choice can have an entirely different effect :) First and foremost you should be sure to select a size that is appropriate to your facial characteristics and size. Most faces fall into the following categories:

Face Shapes and Appropriate Frames:

Round: Bold, square or angular frame Oval: Almost any frame Square: Oval or round frame Oblong: Angular, geometric or flat top Heart: Oval, round or aviator
Colorful Options:
Driven by the latest fashion trends, sunglasses are more colorful than ever before. New sport styles are streaked with vivid waves of color. Fashion styles come in a variety of options from saturated color frames to more subdued soft pink or blue lenses. Tortoise and black frames, however, still remain the most popular styles. One should also know that all of these colored lenses do afford UV-400 ultraviolet protection (at least on this website), though the lighter lenses may not give you much squinting relief in bright sunny days. Most light colored lenses however do afford great functionality in cloudy days and even for nighttime wear.

Color Lens Guidelines:

Amber, Yellow or Orange Lenses:
These lenses allow some light to pass through the
lens making them a better choice for overcast
skies, but hard to recommend for use in
bright sunny days. Yellow lenses afford excellent
visibility in nighttime applications

Blue or Purple Lenses:
Great all purpose lenses, their mellow light
tint is wonderful and soothing. Also, they afford
good protection in sunny days (although not like a dark lens)
yet will also carry over into darker conditions.

Brown & Copper Lenses:
These lenses increase contrast between colors and are
the preferred tint for driving. This contrast also cuts
glare and sharpens imagery.

Gray, Smoke or Green Lenses:
These lenses are the most popular because while they cut bight
light they also help to keep colors looking natural.

Rose or Vermilion:
These popular lenses provide enhanced contrast and definition
in high glare situations such as seen in water and snow sports.

Near Black Lenses:
Great protection for very light sensitive eyes and super
sunny summer days.

Red Lenses:
These babies are out of this world and will put you on Mars ;)
Not good for driving though, as you cannot see the traffic light
change to red very well!!!

Flash- Mirrored Lenses:
Regardless of their inherent colored tint, they give the wearer
private eyes, (people cannot see what your looking at) and help
to reflect oncoming glare.

Polarized Lenses:
Popular amongst fisherman, Polarized Lenses have the unique
ability to cut glare resulting from light reflecting on water.
This allows the wearer to look past such glare and see whats
swimming in the puddle, something which would cause the
naked eye to squint and still see very little. Put on some
of these lenses if you want to spot the proverbial fish.

Sunglass Care:
It is preferable to clean your sunglasses with a mild soap. However, if you would like to use a specific glass cleaner it is imperative to use one that does not contain ammonia, as this will strip the UV-400 coating right off of the lens. When in doubt, do not use Windex as this contains ammonia, but DO use Glass Plus as it is ammonia free. Dry sunglasses with a soft cloth or chamois and store sunglasses in a protective case to prevent scratches. To maintain proper fit, tighten sunglass frames with an appropriate screwdriver or bring them to an optical store.
UV-400, Impact Resistance, Etc:
All modern sunglasses of quality come with a UV-400 ultraviolet light filter that is a type of coating applied to the lenses by the manufacturer. Basically, they reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun to save your eyes wear & tear and can be a very important aid in eye-cancer prevention. It is also misunderstood in some circles that the sunglasses in question need to be of a dark tint to afford such protection but this is not the case. Ultravioletlight is invisible to the naked human eye and as such any lens treated with this coating will block the harmful UV rays. Even clear and yellow treated glasses. You can have just as much exposure to ultraviolet light on a cloudy day as you would on a bight sunny excursion. Its there, but you can't see it. So wear some shades and worry not! Also UV-400 (100% protection) is the highest UV protection you can get in a sunglass. More would be redundant. Only welding goggles and other specialty glasses come with a higher rating.
Some glasses on this website have special impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are highly durable and will take a hard impact, from lets say a stone, without breaking or shattering. Its not to say that they cannot break, but it would have to be something as strong or stronger that a shotgun blast in which case it probably wouldn't make any difference anyway. A lot of my riding glasses, sport and ski goggles and shooting glasses feature theses lenses. Only A.N.Z.I. industrial lens safety glasses give you more protection.

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