Hercules Plus
Padded ANSI Z87.1
Motorcycle Safety Glasses

Global Vision Hercules Plus G tech Blue Sunglasses
Red Lens G-tech plus Hercules


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Blue Mirror G-tech Hercules Plus Safety Padded Sunglasses


Ladies Motorcycle Hercules Plus Sunglasses

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Ladies Padded Safety Biker Glasses with foam padding


Are Hercules Safety Glasses indestructible? "We don't know," said Global Vision's President Richard Wright, "but we haven't found anyone yet who can break 'em!" "We stepped on them, stretched them out straight while pulling on them as hard as we could, even twisting them; then we ran over them with a hi-lo (not once but twice) and they didn't break! The lenses didn't even come out of the frame!" The frames are made of resilient high-grade nylon. The poly-carbonate lenses are so tough that when shot with a 1/4" steel ball (at over 100 mph) only a dimple was left in the lens.

Hercules Plus Sunglasses are UV-400, feature shatterproof polycabonate ANSI Z87.1 safety Glass Lenses and are a fully functional authentic safety glass. Padded frames seal out dust and debris and wind when riding motrcycle, skydiving, jetskiing and any myriad of situations where sealing the elements away from your eyes is at issue. Frames are made out of durable tough nylon and temples have rubber ear pads to keep Hercules Safety Glasses on your head. Also a top tier Motorcycle sunglass they seal out wind and hug the face snugly.

 Check out this video of Hercules Sunglasses being run over with a 17,000 lb Fire Truck without breaking!!!



  • ANSI Z87.1
  • Maximum UV-400 Protection
  • Eliminates 100% of all harmful UV-light
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
  • Padded Frames seal out dust and debris
  • As close to Unbreakable Sunglasses you are going to find !!!
  • Wind Seal Rating: Excellent

  • Black w/G-tech Blue Lenses
  • Black w/G-Tech Red Lenses

product pic of our Hecules Plus padded Sunglasses which are ANSI Z87.1 Safety Rated

Red G-Tech Hercules Plus Sunglasses
Black Frame w/G-Tech Red Lenses

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