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Polarized Bifocals

Get your cheap polarized Bifocal sunglasses here
Slipknot Polarized Bifocal sunglasses are affordably prices at only $15.00 each. Thats a cheap sunglasses price for polarized bi-focal sunglasses that are perfet fishing, hiking and just putting around town glasses. These polarized bifocal sunglasses are 100% uv and come in 4 different magnification settings. Our bi-focal sunglasses are also great for mountaineering and sports games. So for affordable cheap in price bifocal polarized sunglasses, Slipknots will fit the bill.

These bi-focal readers have UV400 lenses with anti-glare polarized lenses. The lightweight plastic frame has a sporty, wraparound shap


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Great for driving, boating, or other outdoor activities, our SW Polarized Bi-Focal Style #7046 is a must-have style! This sporty plastic style has rubberized ear and nose-pieces for comfort. The UV400 polarized, anti-glare lenses feature a small bi-focal at the bottom in the power of your choice

perfect Polarized Fishing Reading Glasses
$ 15.00
New Slipknots!!!
Slimmer & Sleeker

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Polarized Bifocal Reader Sunglasses
Polarized Bifocals

If you are frustrated with the lack of good choices in Polarized Bifocal Fishing Glasses, then your fortunes have just made a turn for the better. Slipnot Polarized Bi-focal Fishing/Outdoor glasses come with bifocal lens windows that provide diopter magnification for minute tasks such as reading or tying hooks, while at the smae time giving you a polarized sunglass all without having to change eyewear. These glasses are just wonderful, not too big and of course also provide 100% UV protection and polarized lenses.


  • Bifocal Windows
  • Lenses Cover all Angles from Sunlight Glare
  • Including the Corners of Your Eyes!
  • Lets you look into the Water and
  • See the Fish and see to tie your hook!!!
  • Maximum (UV-400) Protection
  • Wind Seal Rating: Excellent
  • Kills all incoming glare
  • Good for fishing/skiing/hunting/etc
Diopter Options:
Cheap and affordable bifocal sunglasses


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