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Big Bens
Over Glasses Goggles


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Designed to fit over Glasses


Here, finally is a wonderful big goggle specifically designed to fit over prescription glasses! Big Bens Over Glasses Goggles feature a very comfortable foam seal and a custom groove in the frame of the goggle above the nose bridge to accommodate glasses. Lenses are interchangeable and available in either day or night shades. As always, lenses are Impact Resistant Polycarbonate, treated with an Anti-Fog lens coating, and of course offer standard UV-400 protection. And if you can believe it, these big guys even float!

(Note: I have found that one particular style of aviator glasses refuses to fit inside a Big Ben. If you wear aviators, and you are considering the Big-Ben solution, then take a look at the frame of your glasses (see pics below). If you have only one nose-bridge you are OK! However, if your glasses feature a double-nose bridge, then Big Bens may not work for you)

Also, if your glasses, aviator or otherwise, are truly humungous (and I mean big hurkin' supermammas here), or they reach far out beyond the physical dimensions of your head (width), then Big Bens may not fit over those styles.


  • Fits over most prescription eyewear
  • Maximum (UV-400) Protection
  • Impact resistant Polycarbonate lens
  • Comes in either clear, yellow or smoke lenses
  • Wind Seal Rating: Unsurpassed
  • Anti-Fog coating, adjustable head strap
  • Goggles are vented and even float
  • Inside is foam padded for comfort
  • Best fits average/medium, large, or extra large heads

We also carry the Big Bens in a kit. Kit Includes one Big Ben goggle with 1 clear and one smoke interchangeable lens and a soft pouch!!!

Style Options:
  • Black w/Smoke Lens $26.00
  • Black w/Clear Lens $26.00
  • Black w/Yellow Lens $26.00
  • Replacement Lenses Available for $10.00
         Smoke Lens
         Clear Lens
         Yellow Lens
  • The "Big Ben kit" $38.00

Black w/clear lens

Yellow colored lens

Black w/Smoke Lens

These will fit              These will not fit

These will fit                    These won't fit


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