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Have you been looking high and low for some Yellow Lens Polarized Sunglasses. So have we here at Yellow Lens Polarized sunglasses have been sought after by fishermen and shooting enthusiasts for the way they brighten things up with their high contrast Yellow Lens Polarized Lenses. Long haul truck drivers like the way they kill the glare of oncoming headlights in dark rural stretches.

I like using these polarized yellow lens anti glare high definition glasses when I go to the shooting range glasses


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Polarized Sports Wraps with Yellow Tinted Lenses
We are sorry but Samurai's are currently unavailable. At this time we have no new arrival dates for restocking of this style. Please click HERE for our many other choices.
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Fishing Sunglasses with Yellow Polarized lenses for cloudy days and evening fishing


The Samurai Yellow Lens Polarized Low Light Anti-Glare Lens Glasses are the second pair of only 2 styles of Polarized Yellow Lens Night Driving/Application Glasses we offer here on Yellow Lens Polarized glasses are few and far between so we are glad to be able to offer you a second choice in our line up the Samurai, the first being our Nighthawk Yellow Lens Polarized Aviator Glasses. For starters, Samurai are great for driving at night in low light conditions. Samurai filter out oncoming headlight glare from oncoming traffic. Also very versatile Samurai make good High Contrast Anti Glare Yellow Lens Polarized Shooting Glasses. Virtually any time you are out of doors at night they are a great all around night sunglasses application. Samurai are also 100% UV so there is not much else to want except that Samurai also are great at keeping out the wind and wrapping your eyes away from the elements. Samurai also make great sun glasses for evening baseball games and similar uses.


  • Low Light Yellow Anti-Glare Polarized Lenses
  • Polarized Lenses eliminate glare, improving your ability to see
  • Cuts down on oncoming headlight or streetlight glare
  • Wind Seal Rating: very Good
  • Very Nice Anti Glare Lens For Shooting


1. Temple to Temple Width 4 -3/4 inches
2. Lens Height 1 -1/2 inches
3. Lens Width 2 -5/8 inches
4. Bridge Width 3/4 inches
5. Temple Length 6 -1/2 inches

Style Options:
  • Red Fade w/Yellow Polarized Lens
Night Time Outside Sports Glasses Yellow Lenses Polarized
Red Fade Version


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