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Blue Lens Golfing Golf Sunglasses Glasses

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Blue Lens Golfing Golf Sunglasses Glasses

Sport Golf Sunglasses Blue Lens

Golfing Sunglasses High Contrast Blue Lens

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Blue Lens Sporting Golfing Glasses

Prism Golfing blue lens sunglasses do exactly what their name implies. The blue lens literally captures the whit light colored golfball from the scenery and starkly contrasts the white color from the rest of the green. Prism Sunglasses are also made of tough polycarbonate shatterproof lenses so the will also protect you from flying debris including wayward flying golfballs. So if you find your having a hard time keeping track of that little white golf-ball then maybe Prism Golfing Sunglasses are just the ticket for you.


  • Blue/White contrasting Lens
  • Light and sturdy construction
  • Sleek, ultra-modern styling
  • Non-protruding profile
  • Maximum (UV-400) Protection
  • Includes soft protective pouch
Style Options:
  • Black w/Blue Lens
  • Silver w/Blue Lens
Blue Lens Golfing Golf Sunglasses Glasses

Golf Sunglasses

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