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Pacific Coast Sunglasses Rake 3609, 3619, 36102, 3612,

Rake Motorcycle Sunglasses


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$ 11.95 - 22.95

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Pacific Coast Glasses

Comfortable fitting rimless sports sunglass the Rake by Pacific Coast keeps no holds barred. Featuring rubber temple grips to prevent slipping in all manner of activity from riding your cycle, to sprinting down the ballfield these glasses will stay on your noodle. Impact resistant Polycarbonate lenses protect your eyeballs from flying debris and insect manner while you on your scooter as well as baseballs, ping pong balls, golfballs, footballs and probably even beach-balls rofl. Have trouble with sunlight, and find you are in need to keep all sunlight at bay, then keep them handy anywhere you need full eye coverage from the sun while looking good doing it, because these will completly seal out the sun from all angles. Or Perhaps, you find yourself in low-light conditions more often the not and need eye coverage and that extra tinge of brightness? ??? No Problemo, use the Rake with high contrast yellow lenses at night or very dark and cloudy days, on lonely rural country roads where they not only improve clarity and contrast but also cut down glare from oncoming headlights as well as tackling big city stadium lighting conditions at the arena. Finally, if you really need extra glare cutting power during the daylight hours, or if you need an excellent fishing sunglasses then Polarized Rakes are the perfect solution you have been looking for. You wont get a headache looking at the shimmering sunlight relections on the water, but inststead will see only smooth blue rippling panoply of the surface and what may also be floundering around on the lake bottom. In closing, no matter which model suits you the best, with Rake sunglasses, you have a contender in almost all sports and riding catagories !!!


  • Maximum (UV-400) Protection
  • Supreme wrap-around sports frame
  • Sleek, aggressive styling
  • Polycarbonate Shatterproof Lenses
  • Includes soft protective pouch
Style Options:
  • Silver w/Blue Mirror Lens ~ $12.95
  • Black w/Yellow High Contrast ~ $11.95Lens
  • Black Frame w/Polarized Brown Lens ~ $22.95
  • Black Frame w/Polarized Grey Lens ~ $22.95

Black w/Yellow High Contrast Lens

Silver w/Blue Mirror Lens

Black Frame w/Polarized Brown Lens

Black Frame w/Polarized Grey Lens

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