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Polarized Waveshields feature a adjustable head strap and float in water Get some waveshields for your Kayak


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Come get your Waveshields right here if you want the best and forget about the rest!!!

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These Sunglasses are made for surf and sun

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Surfing - Watersport Sunglasses - Waveshield Originals

Check out the hottest New WaterSport Sunglasses on the Planet !!! WaveShields II Watersport Sunglasses have been engineered for the demanding and rugged environments regularly encountered while KiteBoarding Surfing Kayaking or Jetskiing. Constructed with tough as nails Nylon Frames and Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses, these Bro's will take a lickin and keep on Ripping. The custom strap keeps them on your head during manuevers but don't freak if ya get rolled by some Heavy Water and your glasses go flying. Waveshields float and will be waitin for ya on the flip side!!! Waveshields Watersport Glasses also feature custom intake vents that channel airflow across the lenses to virtually eliminate fogging. Soft foam nose cushions provide hours of comfortable wear. Polarized lenses keep the glare out of your eyeballs and eliminate all glare coming off the water.  All that and 100% protection from UVA and UBA rays too and you got yourself a styling pair of watershades!!!.


*   Excellent Sunglasses for Watersports
*   Amber Lenses Excellent For Overcast/Dark Outings
*   100% Protection from UVA & UVB Rays
*   Soft Nose Cushion w/Easy Adjustable Strap
*   Intake Vents Channel Airflow Across Lenses
*   Thereby Eliminating Fogging
*   Strap Around Your Head and Frames Float In Water
*   Tough Nylon Frames With Impact Resistant Lenses
*   Great for most Outdoor WaterSports Activities
*   Including KiteBoarding Surfing Kayaking Para-Sailing

Style Options:
  • Black w/Smoke Polarized Lenses
  • Black w/Brown Polarized Lenses
  • Steel Blue w/Smoke Polarized Lenses
  • White Gold w/Polarized Brown Lenses

Black Waveshield with Brown Polarized Lenses
Black w/Brown Polarized Lenses

Black w/Smoke Polarized Lenses
Black w/Smoke Polarized Lenses

White Gold w/Polarized Brown Lenses
White Gold w/Polarized Brown Lenses

steel blue Waveshields with Smoke polarized lenses
Steel Blue w/Smoke Polarized Lenses


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