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Come and get your Harry Potter film dress-up glasses here

These glasses are just like the round frame clear lens ones harry potter wears

Harry potter costume glasses sold here

For more pictures,
please scroll down !!!


Here are some wonderful replica Type glasses like the ones worn by Harry Potter in the movies. The lenses are clear, non-prescription lenses that are great for dressing up with for kids of all ages. So, get on your robe, slap on Harrys glasses and battle giant spiders, basilisks and evil sorcerers!!!

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Harry Potter "Type" Glasses
  • Like Glasses As Seen In The Harry Potter Movies
  • Plain Non Prescription Clear Lenses
  • Includes FREE protective soft pouch

Style Options
  • Gold Metal Frame
  • Black Metal Frame
  • Silver Metal Frame

Harry Potter dress up glasses
Gold Frame Harry Potter Glasses

Here are glasses just like Harry Potter wears in the movies
Black Frame Harry Potter Glasses

Looking for Harry Potter glasses here they are
Silver Frame Harry Potter Glasses

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