Ozzy Osbourne
John Lennon

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This banner proclaims that we are selling Ozzy Glasses

Ozzy Osbourne Sunglasses


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Lennon Style Shades

Round Lens Glasses

Here we got some Ozzy ~ Lennon type cheapies. These glasses are $8.00 bucks and will give you 100% UV and thats it. But hey, if you step on em it aint going to be the end of the world either. If your expectations arent too high and you simply covet the look or wanna throw a party and get an armload of them then heres your candy!!!


  • 100% UV Protection
  • Colored Lenses
  • Free Soft Pouch Included
Style Options:
(Frames/Arms come assorted and not selectable)

  • Red Lenses
  • Green lenses
  • Orange Lenses
  • Blue Lenses
  • Purple Lenses
  • Smoke Lenses
  • Mirrored Lenses

Orange lens ozzy glasses
Orange lenses

Lennon sunglasses with green lenses
Blue lenses

Our Ozzy prty shades come in a myriad of fun colored lenses
Purple lenses

green lenses are cool
Green lenses

red lens natural born killer shades
Red lenses

Smoke lens round lennons
Smoke lenses

Mirror lens round lennons
Mirrored lenses


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